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Terms of Use

For the consideration of your rights.
Read the Terms of Use carefully before Using Our Software.
Please mail us if you have any question.

Please read the Terms of Use carefully before using our software.

By installing / Using our software or completing the member registeration, This means you have read and agree all the content of "Terms of Use". This Terms applies to all the product of STORY365. The people under the age of 20 should be permitted with parrent / guardian to use our software. using the software means you have gain the permission. STORY365 have the right to modify the Terms of Use. And we would not notify the user individually. All the modified changes will public on STORY365's web site. Complete the order in our online shopping cart means your agree and authorize STORY365 to producing your customize product. we'll no longer using an authorized paper contract. All the activity, service on STORY365 were follow the last modified version of "Terms of Use". You agree to the modified "Terms of Use" if you using service of STORY365 after we changed it. After we modified the "Terms of Use", if your continue using our software / serivce. This means you agree to the last modified version of "Terms of Use".

Obligations of Registration

After Registration, this means you agree to submit your correct / complete / latest personal information. And update this information at any time. Any incorrect information that your registered. We'll stop or terminate your account.


For the personal information you registered in our site. We would not sell / exchange / rent any of your information to any personal / company organization.

Privacy Protection

Your information in STORY365 will be protected. For those data like email and name you submit in social network pluging service will not inclouding to the policy of privacy protection.

Orders Establishment

Your have to use our software connect to our shopping cart platform. Register your account during ordering process if you don't have account in our platform. Once your complete the ordering process, this contract shall be Established.

Orders Cancelation

Once Order Established. You can not cancel or modify your order content. Your can terminate before order extablished.


The product of STORY365 including image and text is all designed by the customer. Please take care in proofing and previewing your photo product and carefully check your text spelling - once an order is printed, no changes can be made to it. We emphasises that the quality of the prints will never be better than is to be expected on the basis of what you see on your computer monitor when using the STORY365 software. You should carefully examine the resolution and quality of your photos if you have any doubts about your image quality.


In Software / Site of STORY365 , All the image, text and template belongs to STORY365. You can only use to design in STORY365's software, and not to be used for other purposes. As the creator of your design in STORY365, you are solely responsible for the contents of the file you submit. STORY365 does not accept responsibility for the contents of the file you submit. Any caused losses, we'll take prosecution and request compensation.

Ordering Note

The product we produce is a customized for the customer. It is not a fixed / mass production selling product. So it dosen't belong to online shopping - 7 day satisfaction guarantee period. Once you ordered in our shopping cart. This means the order is established. The order information should be correct. You can not cancel the order at any time. The data in STORY365 will backup regularly. We would not take responsibility of removed and backup-failed data.

Return Policy

STORY365 is responsible for page loss, page dropping, binding error and any other non man-caused damage problem before you open the package. Please email the photos of defected area with different angles, including your name, order number and a description of the defect to our service email We'll judge the problem you report. Once the returning process is confirmed. Please pack your defected product with Satisfaction Guarantee Card and let us know. We'll contact the shipping company to retrive your package. We'll fix or replace the product the send back to you as soon as possible.

Children Protection

When the teenager in the age of 12 to 18 using our service. Their parent / guardian should agree the "Terms of Use" and accompany with them.

Service Termination

The activity in STORY365 should observe the laws of Taiwan. Any illegal behaviors, We shall terminate the usage of your account at any time. Customer should take responsible for caused liability.

Advertising Liability Limitations and Exclusions

You should not post any kind of advertising message in STORY365 site. Every advertising content in STORY365 is being Authorized form advertising agency. Any commercial activity from those advertising agency is nothing to do with STORY365.

Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with Taiwan law. And the first instance court of jurisdiction is Taiwan Taichung District Court.


Any questions or doubts, please mail us to get further information.