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Inner Binding Comparison

Lay Flat

Lay flat is a high-cost, difficult binding technique. The pages could lay perfectly flat for cross page pictures.
Make your own lay flat photobook with low-cost and best-quality in cross page.

Saddle Stitch

Senior hardcover stitch binding. easier to flip page. more fliping angle than classic binding.


The most common and affordable price binding.

Cover Comparison - Hard cover, Soft cover

Hard cover

Protect inner page from collision. With thickness paper board. it could put text in the line of book back.
Using matte film. Less obvious while scratches, waterproof, less-dirty and additional PVC slipcase.

Soft cover

Magazine like, easier to carry. Use matte film with less obvious scratches, waterproof and less dirty.

Page Lamination - Gloss Film Lamination, Liquid Lamination

Gloss Film Lamination

All the Lay Flat binding inner page will laminate with gloss film.
With our expertise and experience. After film lamination, the overall texture detail and contrast of customer's photo will increase.
The photo with Gloss film lamination is just like the photo we print in photo retailer shop. With this quality, you could store your best memories in high quality photobook forever.
After the lamination. the photobook will have basic waterproof and anti-dirty effect.

Liquid Lamination

All the inner page execpt LayFlat book are laminate with liquid coat.
After liqid laminated. The photo colos is more vivid, bright, non-glare.